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V-Scopes Bring Science to Life and Help Students Save Money

Provided by Ocean County College

V-Scopes are designed to replicate the experience of using an actual microscope through virtual controls that allow students to focus, manipulate slides, and change magnification in real time, according to Marc LaBella, Associate Professor of Biology/e-Learning Lecturer at Ocean County College. Additionally, any difficulties that students might encounter, such as regulating light or centering a specimen in their field of view, are also part of this virtual microscope experience.

In an effort to reduce student costs as well as keep current with emerging technologies, the e-Learning Department at Ocean County College (Toms River, NJ) has initiated the integration of virtual microscopes or “V-Scopes” into its online science courses. The school will use the V-Scope in three science courses during the fall 2018 semester: Introduction to Biology, General Biology I, and General Biology II. “The implementation of V-Scopes in these courses will significantly reduce cost to students, as they will no longer be required to purchase a microscope. However, the lab kits for each of these courses will also contain specimen slides for those students who still wish to purchase a microscope, but this is completely optional,” LaBella said.

While there are several different virtual microscopes available, Ocean County College has chosen to use the V-Scope developed by Hands-On-Labs, LLC (Denver, CO). In addition to having some of the most advanced technology available in this area, these virtual microscopes are aligned with the laboratory exercises developed for specific courses (and contained within its lab kits), making it a relevant tool for learning. It is hoped that these V-Scopes will provide an augmented level of learning that will eliminate the need for physical microscopes.

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