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WGU Launches Center for Applied Learning Science

Provided by Western Governors University

Western Governors University (WGU) has developed the Center for Applied Learning Science (CALS), a nonprofit innovation lab focused on improving student outcomes by combining technology, design thinking, and rigorous research methods. CALS will collaborate with other institutions and organizations.

CALS, as part of WGU Labs, develops habit-forming learning applications leading to educational attainment and life-long success. “The creation of CALS supports WGU’s objective to expand our impact on student success by developing and implementing new technologies and learning models that will improve student outcomes, not just for our students, but for all students,” said WGU President Scott D. Pulsipher.

Jason Levin, WGU’s current Vice President of Institutional Research, is leading CALS as its Executive Director. “It is well known that education leads to employment, higher wages, and even longer, healthier lives. We believe all students investing time, money, energy, and effort in their education deserve to succeed and attain these benefits,” said Levin. “We’re focused on tough problems and know our success depends on like-minded partners willing to try new things,” he said.

CALS was recently selected to participate in the inaugural round of J-PAL’s Education, Technology, and Opportunity Innovation Competition. CALS will work with J-PAL, a research center at MIT, to develop scalable models to improve student learning in math. The J-PAL/CALS team is evaluating a suite of adaptive online interventions that are aimed at helping students cultivate a math mindset, reduce math anxiety, and increase comprehension of key math concepts.

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