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Our Vision. Your Advantage.

Custom Tuition Programs

The one-size-fits-all philosophy does not apply here at Edcor. To determine the most effective tuition program for each client, we always start by identifying the benefits that will be most advantageous to that individual’s circumstances. From there we assign an experienced team to create and manage a custom program that will lead to optimum results.

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60% of college students graduate with debt.

Edcor support services are designed to help students reduce their student loan debt.

Tuition Assistance. Our Focus is Your Success

Edcor is a recognized leader in tuition assistance because we skillfully adapt to the unique challenges of each individual client. As a result we can design for you a complete and comprehensive custom program, or enhance your current program. Either way, our client-focused expertise and support services will help you attract and retain more quality employees, and maximize your overall ROI.

Keep Your Employees Connected

Our comprehensive tuition assistance service includes a fully automated and professionally staffed Contact Center located within our Michigan headquarters.

Improve Your Efficiency

Edcor’s tuition assistance program provides reliable data analysis to keep you in step with changes and opportunities.

Feel Secure

Edcor incorporates a state-of-the-art security system to help protect our tuition assistance programs from fraud, viruses and other potentially invasive elements.

Edcor Advising and Counseling

The Goal is Education Completion
Employers are all too aware that even after a considerable investment of time, money and resources, too many employees still fall short of earning a degree. Edcor support services are designed to help students complete their education. Our record in this area speaks for itself with 40 years of consistent success in helping our clients develop an
educated workforce.
A Game Plan for Success
We start by determining the common goals shared by the employer and employee, as well as advantages already in play, that we can build on. These include any previous training and education, certifications and licenses. From there we can customize the most effective program educated workforce.
Partners in the Process
Our counselors stay with each employee from start to diploma, providing relevant, actionable feedback. We also partner with advisors who help individual students work through their program – never losing focus on the gold of education completion.
Loyalty. The Ultimate Reward
Loyalty should be mutually beneficial. If a company provides an atmosphere of career development opportunities and personal growth, employees are less likely to seek those things elsewhere. This insight guides the Edcor approach to advising and counseling, and has shown results time and again.

Graduate with your bachelor's degree faster

You can reach your educational goals and elevate your companies profile all at the same time.

We can help employees who have:

  • Attended one or more colleges
  • Earned 60 credits or less
  • Never been to college and are ready to get started!

Support that Adapts to Your Needs

Other tuition management companies rely on a predetermined menu of standardized solutions.  Edcor analyzes each customer’s unique culture and needs, and develops a custom program that works to their best advantage.

  • A flexible, customizable solution for your education benefit needs.
  • Patented processes for quality service, innovation, and security.
  • Complementary benefit solutions that are easy to monitor and use.
  • All programs are automated and online – saving you time and money.
  • Plus, you have access anywhere, anytime, direct from your mobile device.


of Americans who attend college have incurred debt in order to finance a degree.


average monthly student loan payment (for borrowers aged 20-30 years.)


average debt per graduate.


delinquency rate for student loan debt.

Putting Better

Insights to Work

Successful employers understand that attracting the best talent is only half the challenge. The other half is keeping them.

One proven way to create incentive and loyalty is a well-designed student loan assistance program. Edcor’s insightful Freedom model provides the best in the industry.

We work together with you and the graduates you employ to meet this immediate need with cost-effective efficiency. Our results are consistently favorable and our clients consistently benefit from the outcome of our student loan repayment programs.

Where You Benefit


Our 40 years of knowledge and expertise is second to none. Our passion for delivering results-driven tuition and education benefits programs ensures our Clients see true ROI while benefiting from increased employee satisfaction and productivity.


You’ve found the right candidate, so what’s next? Edcor works with you to identify what is needed to complete their education or bring closure to any outstanding loans. We design custom programs for each individual, and monitor progress until these goals are reached.


Our unmatched experience and knowledge allows us to employ the most cost-effective methods for helping our clients recruit and retain the best and most qualified employees.

Scholarship Administration Made Easy

A successful scholarship program is complex, work-intensive and needs to be managed to meticulous detail. By choosing Edcor, you can avoid all the hassle and get even better results. We review scholarships to determine that students have met all the requirements that fit your individual needs, policies and budgets.

If you are starting a scholarship program for the first time, our team will help you generate dynamic solutions that ultimately reward you with the best talent available.

As an Edcor client you will have direct access to an experienced program manager who will help you coordinate your designated scholarships. You will also have secure online 24/7 access to regular updates and progress reports.

Client Validation

Validation of all requirements in accordance with Client’s policy and Client‑supplied data.

Pain-free Payment

Processing and validation of scholarship payment to recipients.

Ongoing Support

Employee interactive support via phone during established Contact Center hours.

(currently 8a.m. – 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, excluding Edcor‑observed holidays).


As an Edcor client, you will have direct access to an experienced account representative to mark your progress, advise, answer questions and provide overall support. This experienced individual will also share in‑depth knowledge of additional resources that can strengthen and augment your education/tuition programs.

Our Preferred School Network

Because of Edcor’s exclusive relationships with accredited, high-quality institutions, we’re able to give our clients significantly discounted access to an array of degree and non-degree programs. If you are interested in becoming a Preferred School Network partner, please contact Edcor by completing this contact form.

Textbook Discounts

Our impressive textbook discount program is possible because it saves time and money for both employers and students at every level. By simplifying stocking, planning and distribution, the books are easily managed and recycled. Our cash‑back program is the best available, and allows more students access to the same books over time.

Financial Wellness Marketplace

Comprehensive online marketplace that provides borrowers with competitive, personalized student loan and refinancing offers from multiple, vetted lenders in real time.

Edcor Advising & Counseling

With Edcor Advising & Counseling, you’ll gain access to an academic advisor who will help you leverage your previous transfer credit and use flexible, online courses to maximize your tuition assistance benefit and graduate with your bachelor’s degree faster. Then, your success coach will support you the rest of the way—helping you balance your academic pursuits with your work and life


A Game Plan for Success

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Student Advising

Graduate with your bachelor's degree faster
  • Reduced graduation time and degree costs
  • Degree plan aligned to your job and career objectives
  • Access to an academic advisor
  • Full support from initial consultation through graduation

Tutoring for K-College Graduates

Get better grades with instant online tutoring.
  • On-demand tutoring
  • Learn from the best tutors
  • All the tools you need
  • Get Help with any subject
  • Live 1-on-1 help